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some activities undertaken by website visitors during Covid and variants

Emma + Ian from S. Yorks


Collectively - i.e. Ian and myself have done 

‘Project’ House Maintenance which needed doing.....we class this as our leisure time....🙄

Decorated hall/stairs landing/ office/laundry room/bathroom during lockdown for me.

Ian was working, not furloughed, but was my ‘assistant’ at times.... Ian would probably see it the other way round! Whilst he wasn't furloughed he decorated blah de blah de blah and I was his assistant whilst furloughed.  This was because I was busy ‘baking and making’  and dog walking and gym-ing and shopping and generally trying to keep spirits high 🙄🤪😬🙃 Oh and I started knitting and re-knitting a sweater several times as I drop stitches. Oh and I have finally discovered Netflix so I’m on about my 76th episode of The Crown

Ian has been running a lot probably almost 10k nearly every other day or so, for 4 months...

oh and guess what.... I haven’t 😬

Hope that helps ... oh yes and I’m back at work 

So lots of leisure activities are occurring constantly to fill these uncertain times - I’m also quite partial to watching every cookery programme going!

fred walk.jpg
running shoes.jpg
cullen skink joh vear.JPG

Helen + Jacob from Dorking   . culture vultures

coffee cup.jpg
john lewis stempel book.jpg
ring of bright water2.jpg
recipe books.jpg
"to be or not to be...that is the question" ....... "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo

Reading Shakespeare out loud to each other taking parts. Coffee and crosswords after breakfast.

Natural history books by John Lewis Stempel.

.and Ring of Brightwater by Gavin Maxwell.

Reading some Classics too ....

Beowulf on the Beach by  Jack Mushinghan is a good start....aka What to Love and What to Skip in Literature's 50 Greatest Hits.

Sewing , knitting, repairs, mending,

Trying out new recipes






Molly from Camberley

I read a lot, e-books borrowed online from the library or bought cheaply from web site book but.

The family are into exercise, running, cycling, dog walking and my daughter Jayne, is into golf

as many days she can manage round her work.! I also play online bridge

kindle 2.JPG

Nigel [retired] from Melbourne [Derby]. I’ve spent quite a lot of time on a new allotment when weather has permitted. Learnt how to use a rotavator and generally spread manure n’stuff!

nige allotment.JPG

Sheila from South Africa

I live in a Retirement Village consisting of 62 houses in South Africa.  We have a small care centre and full-time nursing sisters.  During lock down I found myself much more interested in my garden, read lots of books, got quite addicted to crosswords & watched some great films on Netflix.  I therefore quite enjoyed my own company but there were still rules to be obeyed i.e. masks always worn when going to the centre, washing or spraying of hands and keeping one’s space when chatting to other residents. By obeying the laws I'm happy to say we have had no Covid 19 cases within the village.

the current "state of play" in South Africa..................
South Africa is now down to Level 1 - when we
shop at the local centre. nobody is allowed in without a mask and each shop sprays your hands. When we return to the gate of the village our temperature is taken and again the spraying of hands.
We have also now re-opened Happy Hour on a Friday evening but obviously find it impossible to drink with a mask on - so masks are removed!!


South Africa flag.jpg

The Netflix films I remember and can recommend are Enola Holmes and Rebecca plus a gruesome one called Seven (not really recommended).  I see there's a new version of Little Women which I will watch as it has had very good revues.  I have also been reading a lot of Dan Brown books.

Laura from Sheffield

Running through the autumnal woods and exclaiming every other step ‘Ooooh just look at the colours!’


I have also very much enjoyed asking the librarians to put together a selection of books for me and then finding delight in almost all of them. Two in particular ; Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez and Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan. It is as though librarians are trained book people who like selecting books around a theme!

running shoes.jpg
beetroot soup.jpg
laurabook 1.jpg

You can give the librarian a brief that includes genre, certain authors etc. I think my last brief was books written by female authors from around the world – they didn’t disappoint and I am working my way through the stack. 

Oh yes and I have made some beetroot soup

laura 2.jpg
kate book.jpg

Kate from Swindon

I’ve just read a good book (quite unusual, took a little while to get into but then couldn’t put it down) Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

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