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NOSTALGIA.....your blasts from your past to be added

YouTube finds for those who have the longer memories!
Bob Newhart/Jack Benny/Tommy Cooper/Dave Allen/Max Miller/Al Read
"Not Only but Also" [Pete and Dud sketches], "The Secret Policeman's Ball" - "Rowan & Martin's Laugh In"
General entertainment
 Bits from "Six Five Special".... "Ready Steady Go!", "Oh Boy" and "Juke Box Jury"..
... the original "Dr Who" in black and white...."Sunday Night at the London Palladium" The original "Forsyte Saga"...."The Plane Makers" .... "Callan"....snippets from "Dallas", "Play for Today"
Sport... football's greatest goals, Wimbledon finals, golf tournaments, Test Matches of yesteryear and so on!...
by the way... we're not on YouTube's payroll it's just that we think it's brilliant!

Channel 4 most mornings 0800hrs onwards
"Everyone Loves Raymond"

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other suggestions

from Ben [20] - Lego on PlayStation2 was amazing and ALL of the Wii sports including Mario Kart on Wii and LEGO

from Finn [16] + Ian [much older!] Galaxions

from Joel [19] - his Super Grannie's Robinson's Lemon Barley Water!

from Tony in Bristol... for those who remember or would like to find out about him - Victor Borge search YouTube so, so, funny

from Emma [!] "Grange Hill" - YouTube

Grannie Sue  the aptly named "Happy" by Pharrell William WITH the video ...just Google it. and dance along

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alistair cooke.JPG
BBC Sounds app
Dozens of Alistair Cooke's
"Letter from America"
Vintage episodes of "Desert
Island Discs"
"Great Lives" with Matthew Parris
"I'm sorry I haven't a Clue"
with HUMPH
"The Goon Show"
a veritable cornucopia of
memorable programmes
and Radio4Xtra is worth a listen's an idea- Deserted Island Discs, select

your 8 discs and your reason for choosing them. Video your "programme", maybe use Spotify to creat your "playlist"...load the result onto YouTube and suggest to friends and relations that they do the same

linked in with Spotify- choose the music from your favourite years and wallow in nostalgia

... you'll remember the words!!!

throw back tracks logo.jpg
youtube logo.jpg

..a perfect radio retreat for Baby Boomers 1950's, 60's ....oh the music plus Diddy David Hamilton at noon!!!

Do you remember GRANDSTAND on Saturday afternoons BBC TV.?. if so you might like to relive the theme tune

... available on YouTube

try to resist not putting it on FULL BLAST and conducing it !!!

look up your old school or college's website

a must watch/listen to poem suggested by Byron

and for nostalgia personified try................
Freeview Channel "Talking Pictures" mostly 1940's/50's/60's films many b/w - starring the likes of Kenneth Moore, Jack Hawkins, Dirk Bogard, Cecil Parker, Dinah Sheridan, Benny Hill, Dorothy Tutin
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