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ideas and suggestions.... some might strike a chord

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for these seach


learn to play an instrument online ... piano, guitar, ukulele, bass..try this wonderful website... you can learn to sing too!

there is a FREE trial.. if you want further "lessons" there is a charge

Free* online music
of your choice AND Podcasts
Andrea Bocelli on line "Music for Hope"
from the Duomo in Milan ... 25 mins of sublime music ... 
During the current isolation there are numerous
online video concerts  to enjoy
how about 2 hours of André Rieu from his home town of Maastricht ....?  
Queen LIVE at Wembley 1986 the full concert 1hr 50mins 
please send us your tips


this online music + podcast stream is a great companion in your home. Download the app, it's free,  tune in and choose the music you feel like listening to....pop, classical, musicals, jazz, rap, opera

Create your personal playlist

* you can go for ad-free [they are not intrusive], by paying a small premium if desired

Pink Floyd "Pulse" concert- search Pink Floyd Pulse [restored and re-edited 90 minute version]...there are flashing lights

Great New Orleans Jazz Piano

             Dale Storr on YouTube and Spotify ..           


also visit

The Beatles, Chopin, Miles Davis, Adele, Callas, Mozart, Elvis, Ella, Robbie Williams, Gershwin, Sibelius, Ed Sheeran, Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Queen, Blue's all there!

Classical Music - Streaming‎

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Petrenko, Rattle, Abbado, Von Karajan and "top of the tree" soloists

Beethoven, Handel, Mozart, Elgar, Saint-Sans et al. Choose from 300 concerts !

Free during the pandemic -

fees payable post -pandemic

our thanks to Tony from Wrington for this

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