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leisure, art, crafts

... and music

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  • form a Book Club
  • read that book you've always meant to read
  • relax and have a book read to you. This website gives you a huge choice for all ages
  • also
  • if you've just read a belter of a book let us know and we'll let others know

raffia basket....make one!

and loads of other  craft ideas

raffia basket.jpg
craft logo.jpg
write a poem .... a limerick perhaps. Poems don't have to rhyme...but a good tool is the online rhyming dictionary

Spotify download is FREE

all tastes in music catered for...and most artists orchestras and musicians


Monet, Titian, Caravaggio, Hockney

Rembrandt, Warhol, Leonardo?

tidy that bookshelf!


many galleries are

missing your visits to art galleries?... it's not the same..... but you can wallow in images by your favourite artists online -Google - by name and then just click on images OR take a virtual tour of the Louvre in Paris AND Abu Dhabi
there are other galleries and museums offering virtual tours...try this one [laptops/PC's only]
artefacts from around the world with video of  past, current and future exhibitions

Anne from Paris

the goodreads app create "a want to read list" - keep track of your reading and rate the books


Ben suggests "This is going to Hurt" by Adam Kay...the comical and emotional secret diaries of a Junior Doctor, tuned comedian.

Sue suggests 3 books  "House of Trelawny" by Hannah Rothschild , "The Strawberry Thief" by Joanne Harris and  "Lady in Waiting" by Anne Glenconner

see how to draw a 3D hand
in multi-colour .. our thanks to Sheffield Museums


...  start or develop skills in embroidery, crochet, quilt, knitting and textile art. There are short videos to see if you wish to persue the craft and a subscription if you wish to continue

sue cushions.jpg
sue jumper 271020.jpg

Join The Duchess of Cornwall's 
Reading Room
on Instgram

play bridge online
[thank you Molly from Camberley]
... social, ACBL games, tournaments, Solitaire... and FREE


Enjoy classical music? can watch and listen to concerts by a world-famous orchestra, every day. Just go to and gain access to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra....     

                 IT'S FREE during Covid-19

  • access to 500 concerts going back over 30 years

  • Petrenco, Rattle, Von Karajan, Abbado

                         POST covid-19

you can either pay a small fee per concert, or

take out a subscription for a small fee of c £112/c130Euros...our thanks to Tony from Wrington for this connection

musical score.jpg
JIGSAWS, corners first!
........try the tactile route
or go online
jigsaw sue.JPG
j finito jig 29 may.JPG
the novelry logo.jpg
is there a book in YOU?...if you have a novel idea this is a great online port of call

if you have a garden or yard... and a dog...teach it a trick...or two; again the answer's on..

youtube logo.jpg

"Done it !" 1,000  pieces FINISHED!


share your activities with family and friends- some may just need something to do!

Learn to JUGGLE with 3 balls !!! search
youtube logo.jpg

put some leaves on your family tree

who was my great, great,
grandmother and what did great  Uncle Harry do in WW1?
.... don't think you can draw ?    
well just try drawing, you'll be amazed
all you need is a pencil
and paper
alpine bob ross.JPG

... if that appeals to you... go to YouTube and search "drawing in pencil" - some very good free tutorials

- oven baked clay for modelling - Grannie Sue shows what she has been doing
grannie sue.jpg

Keith the "Guru" of letterpress printing

...since 1951 [!] gives an insight into this "artform" from his print room at home - 4 really interesting short videos

try knitting!
oscars hat and bootees.jpg
youtube logo.jpg
"How to knit - A complete
Introduction for Beginners
Part 1"

let's go to the movies

"Green Book" on Amazon Prime Video 
"Wild Rose" also on Amazon Prim Video
"Mr Pip" Amazon Prime
"Official Secrets" Amazon Prime
"Under Suspicion" Amazon Prime 
"12th Man" [2017] Amazon Prime and YouTube

"Talking Pictures" Freeview 81 TV Channel  - 24/7 .... old classics!

learn to play an instrument online ... piano, guitar, ukulele, bass..try this wonderful website... you can learn to sing too!

there is a FREE trial.. if you want further "lessons" there is a charge


hat and bootees for

Baby Oscar in Geneva !

brass instruments.jpg


Sky Arts channel has some brilliant programmes ..... channel 11 on some Freeview

Great New Orleans Jazz Piano
             Dale Storr on YouTube and Spotify     treeeemendous!
also visit

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