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Twins - Jamie

and Joel's  stuff

aka "Twin Things"

Jamie is one minute older than Joel!





want to know how to blow up a balloon? - watch Joel i

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... we are a set of  20 y/o twins who were living under the same roof during isolation.... here are some things we have been up to in order to keep ourselves occupied, including helping to produce this website. 

Joel - to keep in touch with friends as well as trying something new, we have started a podcast called "on the fence", where we discuss lots of different topics! We talk about how we have all been staying entertained during quarantine ... you'll find us on this link..........

I am now [Oct 21] settled in at the University of Nottingham, studying journalsm . Really enjoying the uni enviroment. Our accommodation is great  with good "flatmates".. lectures are going well too....Like brother Jamie, last year was an enforced gap, but I fortunately had excellent work experience at Whitlow Farm Trust with the outside catering experince being eye-opening. I also gained retail experience in the shop as well as the café.... since uni I have been known to take my washing home!

Films - I have printed out the IMDB top 10 rated films of all time and aim to watch them all before isolation is over. There are some classics on the list, for example, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas,  and The Shawshank Redemption all make the list. If you are interested in exploring new and old films; my personal top 3 are One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Joker and Inglorious Bastards .

Exercise - it is important to keep fit during quarantine for both physical and mental health. I have been tuning in to Joe Wick's fitness sessions. When home I have also been doing plenty of walking - we have a dog named Zoe!. This helps to clear the mind as well as getting me out of the house for an hour or so. The outdoors is scientifically proven to stimulate endorphins which keeps you hap-hap-happy and motivated...essential for getting through these strange times. Five-a-side soccer at uni helps too !!!!!

Jamie - 20.10 21

... now settling in at Leeds University Business School ... a year later than expected due to the algorythm mess up last year. However during my enforced "gap-year" I worked in a local Covid Test Centre This was good experience of the working environment and mixing with work mates.... and being paid!

I still walk Zoe when home







My favourite simple recipe is definitely my lemon drizzle recipe. [see the recipe section]

Films which I have seen recently are Rocks and The Pursuit of Happiness (my favourite). Both on Netflix.

I have also been watching a lot of series like Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father.

Luckily with social media [I had to self-isolate due to Corvid-19 being in the family] I have been constantly in contact with my friends, e.g. Snapchat, which has been amazing as I cannot see them as of recently. 

arriving home after my first shift back in Nov 20 - note the hi-viz jacket !!!

Whatsapp creates a giggle or two!!!


jamie passes driving test.jpg

Oh..... and I've passed my driving test !!! ... a good tip for you...

driving test theory.jpg

if you're considering learning to drive, before you even start thinking about buying lessons, learn the's VERY important

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