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for the little one's

our thanks to "Mum" Emma from Northampton for this creation, made with her 3 year old, James...

the alphabet caterpillar !

  1. Draw 27 cardboard circles, all the same size using a glass - and cut out

  2. Using child-friendly paint; paint circles in 5 or 6 different colours, trying to do the same number of each!

  3. Allow to dry

  4. Using black/white paint; paint 1 letter of the alphabet on each circle centred height-wise but to the right of the circle to allow for gluing.

  5. On the 27th circle paint a face for "Mr/Mrs" Caterpillar

  6. Allow to dry

  7. Using a biro pen and piece of Plasticine, make a small hole at the bottom of each circle for the legs, below the letter - off centre.

  8. Cut 9 black pipe cleaners into thirds

  9. Thread a pipe cleaner through each leg hole and fold in half to create 2 legs per circle....Still with us !!!???

  10. Using PVA glue stick the caterpillar sections together starting at Z and painting the left hand third of each circle. Then place the the previous letter over the glued area; ending with the head

  11. Place sufficient weight along th glued area and allow to dry

  12. Using biro and Plasticine make 2 holes for the antenna on the head circle

  13. Cut a pipe leaner in half and insert into each antenna hole and secure

  14. Paste 2 googly eyes onto the face circle

  15. TADA !!! complete FINITO !!! alphabet Caterpillar... WOW

maybe a project for grandparents
see how to draw a 3D hand
in multi-colour
left hand.jpg

our thanks to Sheffield Museums for this video

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