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looking back Covid-wise

2 views on this page...firstly from Ben a student's perspective and secondly...[scroll down] an insight from Manon in Cheshire who is working on the NHS Covid Track and Trace programme  ..... quite wordy BUT worth reading!!!

Ben at Sheffield Hallam University.....a student's view of Lockdown 3

I-SOLUTIONS from Ben - 20 - studying Physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University -  January 21


It's 2021 – start the year with new habits: ideas like… regular exercise (with one mate!) each week.


If you’re into football but can’t go to watch it, “The Cycling GK” Ben Foster who plays for Watford is doing a brilliant blog on YouTube. His latest video goes behind the scenes of Watford’s trip to Manchester United -


If this lockdown has caused a loss of structure to your day, try making a list of “to do’s”. Even if they are as simple as making your bed (something I’m guilty of never doing).


Start making a list of things you’d like to do once vaccinated and things have opened up again, it may help you to stay positive! Try things like what sporting events, restaurants and bars (local business support) and maybe even what holidays/breaks from the UK you may like to experience.


Try contacting a friend or two that you may have fallen out of touch with, you may get on better than you did before!


Virtual challenges for those who want to get active can be great motivators under this current lockdown.

this website is a great way to find a challenge that suits you or even make your own…



......since we have been through so many things you can DO, how about some things not to do…


to help your motivation and general happiness, don’t compare your situation to other people who you feel may be having a better time than you, try to focus on the best things happening for you at the moment


Don’t feel alone, if you’re bored, the chances are you’ll have a mate or some family that are also feeling the same… reach out and contact them, go on a walk with them locally , Zoom them or make a plan to do with them after lockdown is over!


If you’re stuck doing boring schoolwork at home, don’t give up! This is your chance to be the best at a new skill that no one has done before, when you’re back in school you can be the new genius!


Don’t be too hard on each other as everyone is struggling through the pandemic, make sure you support everyone you care about as much as possible!


Ben with Mum, Emma

Manon from Cheshire described her job in the NHSTrack and Trace  Programme

I'll try and describe the role for you, it's quite vast so I hope it makes sense...


The NHS Track and Trace programme ring people who have been tested positive with Covid; the aim is to get all their details, where they've been, when and who they've been in contact with so that we can try and track the virus and also call those people who have been in contact with a confirmed case and advise them that they too need to isolate to help stop the spread. 


We then continue to speak to both the positive cases, and contacts of the cases throughout their 10 day self-isolation to check on a) how they're feeling and to give advice about who to speak to if they are really poorly, b) to remind them about, and answer, any of their questions to do with isolation, and c) to offer help and support in any way we can by answering their questions, and signposting them to other services, for example, getting food/medical supplies, if they're in an abusive relationship and stuck at home with them, bereavement help, financial support, mental support for depression/anxiety/suicidal thoughts etc., to name a few. 

Yes, it is rewarding knowing we are helping people get through their isolation; the majority of people seem to be fine but there have been the odd few who live alone who are struggling, as you can imagine

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