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keep in touch with your mates, particularly those on their own

...facetime's good...we're all in the same strange boat at the moment !

Ben and Finn's stuff

Exercises anyone can do

Ben - 21...aka "Fizz"

Physio at Hallam Uni  
Finn 18 -  now in his 2nd  year of  A-Levels! a part of the physio degree course I have been on placements to The Northern General Hospital in Sheffield and Doncaster Royal Infirmary. Great experience which involved an on-going research project and on my first day , helping a 108 year old patient to walk around the ward a day after her stent was fitted !

Moving to new accommodation next term with the same group as this year


Ben and Finn form part of the newly {Aug 20] formed soccer team Kelham Island FC who gained promotion in their first  league season [21/22] from Sheffield & District Fair Play League 3 to League 2.... a very good start
They are sponsored by Indigo a new'ish bar in The Steel Yard Sheffield

kifc logo.jpg

...their home ground is Hillsborough Arena next to Hillsborough Park

Here are some exercises which can help you keep fit during the pandemic. They focus mainly on your core muscles such as abdominals and pectorals and also help with postural muscles.

Exercise can be a really good stress relief and helps release positive endorphins [they make you feel happy!]. All you need is some water to keep you hydrated ......

  1. Press-ups 

  2. Sit-ups 

  3. Crunches  

  4. Lunges 

  5. Squats 

  6. Leg raises 

  7. Plank 

  8. Plank-leg raises ...

  9. Calf raises

  10. Burpees 

for videos of these exercises go to .....


exercises 7 and 8 are combined


You could also look into increasing your flexibility, as this can help improve your posture, which is more likely to be worsened by this lockdown as you may be sitting on your sofa more often! I will put some guidance on Stretching and flexibilty on another page.

Check out an app called Gym Shark ...FREE

motivating home workout videos with mentors


Finn demonstrates his keepy-uppies
...make sure that you watch the ball when it's coming down onto your foot and keep control. Practice on one foot and then once comfortable, try using both. Set a goal of 10 kick-ups then make your target higher as you become more confident! Keep the ball close at all times and maintain as much control over the ball as possible!

-Finn's suggestions

EXERCISE- Do workouts anywhere in your home that consist of space and only space! no equipment... nothing needed... there’s many exercises that can be done such as press ups sit ups, wall sit etc. do a comfortable amount for you and repeat it the following day!


-Cooking- Find a recipe online that you’ve always wanted to try and surprise the family with a new dish! Make a dessert!


-Games with family- board games like monopoly are great to play with the family! Make sure you don’t have cheaters though..!!!!!.

Ben has been reading ..."My Text Books!!!"
Films on Netflix and Amazon Prime
Moneyball {America baseball movie with Brad Pitt], Everest [attempting the BIG climb] Borat
Video game -  Among us [fixing a space ship before The Imposter gets you!]

Rules of sport..your sport[s]

tennis ttenis badminton.jpg

If, due to Covid/Omicron, you are unable to play competitive sport, why not learn about the Laws of your game?... or how about learning to see the game through the eyes of an official? As well as playing the game I am a football referee. Perhaps after visiting the FA website you may be interested in diving deeper into the football world...if you haven't already!

whatever your, rugby, golf, cricket, netball, badminton, swimming, hockey ... there will be somewhere on the web where you can really delve into the rules and playing/coaching possibilities


Finn now into "A" level exams May 22
PE, Business Studies, Biology, PE
...revising hard !


Free to play video games
... if you have a PlayStation or Xbox the you may be interested to hear that games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Warzone, League of Legends and Apex Legends are all free to download and play.
You can join teams and interact with others such as far-away relations from anywhere in the world; or friends who at the moment are "distancing"

Social Media

Keep in touch with mates particularly those on their own.....facetime's good .... and Zoom

.... there are so many ways to enjoy social media and the internet during lockdown.

From social interaction applications such as Facebook and Instagram where you can post photos and videos and interact with your friends.... to apps like YouTube and Twitch, where content creators upload videos which you can watch and even apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, Sky Go and many more. There are many more where you can watch series and films to keep you occupied during isolation,

including YouTube, BBC i-Player

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