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........ meetings held, courtesy of ZOOM !!!

a great way of keeping in touch...we took it in turns to chair our meetings

...the idea for this website was sparked off by the coronavirus outbreak, early in 2020, which has meant understandable precautions, resulting in self-isolation for millions ... but then you know about that!!! Things seem to be improving, one minute and deteriorating the next!...We now [Dec21] have been hit by Omicron!!! What next ?

This unforeseen situation resulted in many having unexpected time on their hands .... some still have, unfortunately,

It is our aim to possibly assist those in self-isolation in discovering and suggesting activities - static or mobile- during this forced "spare time".

The website is initially the product of one family in Sheffield, England - the youngest being Finn 17, now 2nd year "A" Levels ; 2 x 20  year olds Jamie and Joel [twins!],  received the grades to send them on to their Uni courses of choice, but both decided to take a gap year, due to the algorithm mess and start at Uni in September 2021 [Jamie Leeds/Joel Nottingham], which they have are are settling in well.

Both Jamie and Joel had paying [!] jobs. Jamie working in a Covid Test Centre and Joel with Whirlow Farm Trust in Sheffield. . Ben,21  is in his 2nd year at Hallam Uni, studying physio  He along with brother Finn play for the same, newly formed soccer team. This being their first season in a league. Kelham Island far doing well

23 year old  Gemma is currently working as a care assistant in a brain injury clinic having, due to Covid been denied her intention to teach English as a foreign language. Gemma has recently qualified from a course in beauty therapies and is making ladies' nails look c!

Their 76 year old grandfather [Bops], has been coordinating things. He calls them the Famous Five!....well, .they are his grandchildren. We are by no means trying to be "clever dickies"... just endeavouring to identify some activities which might appeal to site visitors


The site will, hopefully, continue to grow. Initially we had family and friends contributing their thoughts/ideas. New visitors will we hope add their contributions.

after avoiding what we now call the pandamnit for 2 years Bops [and Mrs Bops] have succumed to BA2 !!

our logo, designed by Gemma,
 represents the journey of the virus from arrival to the light at the end of the tunnel.... are we nearly there???




The overall aim is , in a small way, to bring some positives into this unprecedented situation we are all currently experiencing. We are conscious of the seriousness of the situation BUT we hope to lift some of the gloom, a tad, with, dare we say, some amusing links to other individual sites

                                                                                stay safe..... and occupied.......soap and soup will see us through!


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