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please help us to build this site by adding your suggestions...if you have any ideas please fill in the contact form....



KEEP IN TOUCH...with family and friends, particularly those who live alone.....IT'S STILL IMPORTANT!

omicron virus.jpg

and in March 22 variants BA1 and BA2  ... 2 of our "team" copped for it after 2 years of avoidance!!!

I'm still around too

REMEMBER the VIRUS can still be spread VIA US

we're not quite out of the woods yet!

and what can we do today, in fact, what day is it?!!!....
a few what-to-do ideas if in isolation  .
and PLEASE send us your ideas

it makes you and those around you feel better

check out the music and recipes pages

time on your hands.JPG

tried WORDLE yet?
..if not, have a go

still have some time on your hands?...scroll down for a few ideas


make a Playlist, on Spotify, of your family/friends favourite song/tune/rap
... and /or their least favourite

BBC Radio2 around 10.25am Mon-Fri... Ken Bruce's "Pop-Master"
quiz... see how many points YOU can get! Target 39 !

up-cycle something

Buy and cook British fish....very tasty and our fishermen need our via below link

Fish Recipes - Great British Chefs

walk in the fresh air

Fed up of hearing this....???!!! KEEP FIT.. ok but it is important ... plenty of online regimes - pick one which suits you

look out for voluntary charity work in your area


Welcome to ...

skip, yes skip..try it 

how about drawing?Oh yes you CAN !

take different  photos

learn to JUGGLE! lessons on YouTube

write a story

if you haven't Spotify music, podcasts, on tap !

get ready for
you can start  thinking planting after the last frost!!!...late May?

potted meat ... it's the future, returned from the past

make a jam, or marmalade, or chutney or pickle

..a perfect radio retreat for Baby Boomers 1950's, 60's ....oh the music plus Diddy David Hamilton at noon!!!

-- Join The Duchess of Cornwall's 

Reading Room

on Instagram

occasionally, just occasionally, formerly dress up for your evening meal...

try sudoku, word searches, puzzles....all online for ALL ages

that idea you had years ago

could you develop it?

Zoom a regular chat and drink with friends at your own ZOOM INN

       40 mins is free

organise that family memorabilia drawer and be prepared to be amazed!

WhatsApp creates a giggle or two



make soup ! treat yourself to a soup-maker

gardening - great exercise AND relaxing

put some leaves on your family tree!

.....who was my great great grandmother?

go to

rustle up a meal

learn a language

listen to and watch "live" theatre and concerts online
.....write letters, or postcards!
paint or decorate an old piece of furniture

check your "Best Before Dates"!

compose a tune

look at editing your digital photos.... can any be deleted?

No?.... don't believe you !

visit the songs from musicals and sing along.. on Spotify....Oklahoma, Mama Mia, South Pacific , The King and I...etc...etc....etc!

...sing the lyrics [but remember the neighbours!]

join or maybe start a "Book Club"

are you keeping a Corvid diary
... how is it affecting YOU ?.... write about your Covid time experiences

learn the guitar online

Novel idea?.. then write one!

is there a poet in me?

sort out your wardrobe....sell online, or give unwanted clothing to charity

feed the birdies

tidy the shed

play online Scrabble with a friend

how many keepy- uppies can you do?

Freeview 81,Talking Pictures for fans of OLD films B/W and colour circa 1940's/50's/60's .... 24/7

......" another sherry Jerry?"

do the crossword

maybe some revision time?

our logo represents the light at the end of this tunnel close are we??

read that book you've

always meant to read 

try a 1000 piece

sort out your wardrobe....sell online, or give unwanted clothing to charity


soap and soup will see us through!

view your favourite artist's paintings online
Rembrandt, Titian, Cezanne, Bacon, Hockney

if they aren't already...why not organise your photos?

pick your greatest EVER football/cricket team

design birthday cards for family and friends

made an Airfix model recently?

how about trying an online course...there are loads available.... e.g. sports psychology, marketing, journalism, design, beauty therapy, animal behaviour

tune into Podcasts..there will be something for you

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